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About Dr. Rowe

Dr. Rowe has been studying, teaching, researching, and writing about energy psychology (EFT and Meridian Tapping Techniques, MTT) for the last 12 years. He has used MTT in thousands of hours of counseling and coaching sessions. He was the first to teach EFT in a university graduate counseling course. One of his research studies was published in a scientific journal and he supervised another study which was published as a thesis. He has half a dozen other studies that have not been published. See Research. He has written two books for golfers on using EFT for the mental game of golf and he writes two newsletters, one specifically for golfers. He has recently retired from university teaching. His specialty is the effects of EFT on athletic performance. He conducts workshops and clinics on using these new procedures to maximize potential in any area of life.

Dr. Rowe was trained in Thought Field Therapy by its founder, Dr. Roger Callahan, and trained in EFT by its founder, Gary Craig. Dr. Rowe works individually with clients by telephone.


bullet    University of Missouri-Columbia, Ph.D.
bullet    University of California-Berkeley, MBA.
bullet    Louisiana State University-Baton Rouge, BS.



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