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Using EFT for Fears and Anxiety

EFT is one of the most potent self-help healing tools available to conquer fears and anxiety. Most of you will be able to substantially reduce your fears and anxiety using EFT on your own. For some more persistent problems, some of you may need a little professional help. Take the Rowe Distress Inventory to see if you have any fears and anxiety that EFT could help with.

Public Speaking

Dr. Carol Look and Christine Wheeler have created an EFT program that specifically addresses public speaking anxiety. If your life would be better if you could speak in public calmly and confidently, get this program. Dr. Look is, in my opinion, the Number 2 EFT Practitioner in the world. (Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, is number 1.) This is a complete 7 hour program for only $50, less than half the price of only one session with a practitioner. After you complete this program, join your local Toastmasters club and learn how to construct and deliver a speech after you eliminate the fear. Not sure if this program is for you? Take this quick test.

  Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking

Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice with EFT






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