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What To Expect From Coaching

How long will it take?

bulletIt usually takes about 6 sessions to neutralize any remaining emotional blocks, train you to use MTT on your own, and plan for the future. A session can be as long as 45 minutes. You should see some results after the first session.

What not to Expect:

bulletYou will not be psychoanalyzed. I donít care about your relationship with your mother when you were three years old.
bulletYou will not get a pep talk from me telling you how great you are with a list of affirmations to endlessly repeat! There are dozens of books that can teach you to do that.

What to Expect:

bulletConfidentiality. Iím a professional. The fact that you are working with me is strictly between you and me, unless you give me explicit permission otherwise.
bulletYou will learn how to apply MTT anywhere, anytime for anything that produces discomfort of any kind.
bulletYou will neutralize any remaining emotional baggage that you have been dragging around. This is a not a painful process.
bulletYou will take a few diagnostic tests that will guide us in our work together.
bulletYou will look at what you want to get out of life from this point forward.
bulletYou can expect a large return on your investment of time, money, and energy.

How Much Will It Cost?

bulletThe introductory session is free. This gives me a chance to see if I think I can help you (MTT is not for everybody) and gives you a chance to see if you feel comfortable working with me.
bulletI offer a discounted package of six sessions for $600.
bulletIndividual sessions are $120.

Call. The introductory session is free.


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