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Frequently Asked Questions about EFT

Which hand am I supposed tap with?

It doesn't matter. Most of the tapping points are on both sides of the body. You can tap with either hand on either side or both hands, same side, or both hands, opposite sides.

If I'm tapping for pain on the left side of my body, shouldn't I tap on the left side?

It doesn't matter. You can tap either side with either hand and get the same results. I don't why this is. It makes no sense to me, but it sure works.

If I tap harder, will it work better?

No. I recommend that you tap hard enough to inject some energy into the tapping point, but not hard enough to hurt yourself or bruise yourself. I have seen excellent results with light tapping and even no tapping. Simply holding the points also works.

I'm skeptical. How can tapping on your body do all the things you claim. It sounds too good to be true.

I appreciate your honesty. I was skeptical also. As a result of my skepticism, I delayed learning about this incredibly powerful tool for six years! I have since studied with the masters, used it in my clinical practice, taught graduate courses that included EFT,  taught it to many in workshops, wrote a book on it, and done hard research on it. One of my research studies was published in a scientific journal. I think skepticism is good as long as it is tempered with open-mindedness. People who are so close-minded that they won't even try it (like I was), really miss out. You can learn EFT for free. See EFT Resources.

I didn't really answer how tapping could do all the things I (and others) claim. My best understanding of this phenomenon is that the energy system (chi in Chinese medicine) is foundational to all other systems of the body. When you affect the chi, you can affect any symptom. In practice, it works out that way. Try it for yourself.

I tapped on a long-term pain and it went away in minutes! Will it last?

I know it sounds too good to be true sometimes, but we see cases like yours all the time. In many cases, the elimination of symptoms is permanent. If the pain does come back, you have a quick, effective tool to deal with it.

If you would like to ask me a question, email me at DrJack.


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