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If you follow golf, you know that 59 year-old Tom Watson beat the best golfers in the world at one of the premier tournaments, the British Open, except for one. He tied Stewart Cink for first place and placed second after a tie-breaker. Last year at the British Open, Greg Norman, then age 53, led by 2 strokes going into the final round. He eventually tied for third.
What can we learn from Watson and Norman's  incredible performanceat age 59 and 53? We are all growing older. With age comes a decline in physical ability. What can we learn from those who seem to defy that trend?
Let’s look at some of the factors involved in aging.
  1. Diet can play a huge role in maintaining health. It just makes sense to provide high-quality fuel for your body. There are many good books on healthy eating.   
  2. Injury and Rehabilitation. Many people never regain full function of a joint after an injury. It has been shown that a large part of this restricted function has an emotional factor. There are some case reports of amazing recoveries of function after treatment with EFT tapping.  
  3.  Cardiovascular conditioning. The benefits of cardio exercise are immense. Get off the couch and get moving. 
  4. Flexibility. Stiffness and lack of flexibility are hallmarks of aging. You must include a stretching program to maintain your flexibility. For even greater benefits, add EFT tapping to your flexibility program.  
  5.  Strength conditioning. It is a well-known fact that we lose strength as we age. But it has been proven that most of that loss is caused by disuse, not the inevitable effects of aging. Many studies have shown that it is never too late to start a strength-training program.  Researchers have gone into assisted living facilities where elderly people were in wheel chairs. They put them on a leg strengthening program and many of them started walking! 
  6. Pain. The brain will automatically protect against pain. It will restrict movement of a painful joint, resulting in loss of flexibility and strength. From what I have seen, the most effective safe pain treatment is EFT tapping. Some of the cases look miraculous. 
  7. Emotions. As we live life, we accumulate a burden of emotional baggage that weighs us down and affects our health. At every college in the world during final exams, there is a sudden surge in the number of students visiting student health, mainly for upper respiratory infections. Why? The stress of final exams lowers their immune functioning and they get sick. Using EFT daily to neutralize the inevitable negative emotions and stress will allow our bodies to function to their maximum. 


Add EFT tapping to your conditioning program to maintain your youthful vigor. Remember what Greg Norman and Tom Watson accomplished in their 50s. Use it or lose it! 
(If you need a reminder on the EFT steps, see EFT Basic Steps.)

Questions and Comments

 What can I do about emotional incidents from the past that I have just learned to live with? Do these still affect me?
Excellent question. We have been taught that we just have to live with a certain amount of pain in our lives. That was true before the new energy psychology treatments, including EFT, were developed.
Here's a self-help technique to neutralize old emotional wounds. It's called the Personal Peace Procedure developed by Gary Craig. 
Need a refresher on the EFT tapping techniques? See EFT Books. My personal favorite is Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing by Gloria Arenson.
You can take the Rowe Distress Inventory. I suggest that you take it every week or so to track how you are doing.

For you golfers, see my mental game website, www.EFTandGolf.com. You can test your mental game strengths and weaknesses there. If you know a golfer, forward this message to them.

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You all know how powerful the EFT tapping techniques are. Let's take full advantage of these tools. 
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