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Many of us practice daily routines designed to keep us healthy. We may have a daily exercise routine or meditation. We may supplement our diets with vitamins and other food supplements. But what do we do about our emotional health?

Medical science is discovering more and more about the effects of our emotions on our physical health. Also, when we are emotionally healthy we simply feel better. We are happier and enjoy life more. We have more energy and we are less susceptible to illnesses from colds to cancer.

To reduce emotional distress and increase health, set up a routine time to do EFT tapping. I like to start my day with tapping. You could also tap before going to bed or do both. It only takes a few minutes.

Gloria Arenson, author of Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing, recommends looking at three areas of your life each day.

First, how are you feeling physically? Are you tired, sleepy, have any aches or pains? Tap on each of them in turn. It doesn't have to be fancy. Just focus on the discomfort, label it, and do a few rounds of EFT. Go to the next discomfort and repeat the process. It helps to be as specific as possible. It is better to focus on "this pain in my lower left back" than "this pain in my back."

Second, tap on what is on your mind. Are you worried, fearful, angry, or hurt about something? Focus on it and tap it down to zero.

Third, focus on chronic problems and long-term projects. If you are worried about the effect of the economic downturn on your retirement plans, tap on that. If you have a chronic medical problem, tap on that. For chronic medical problems, start by tapping on the physical issues. Then ask yourself if there are any emotions connected to the problem. For example, if you have arthritis in your right knee, you could start tapping on this arthritis in my right knee. Then focus on more specific aspects such as the pain and limited mobility. Then notice any associated emotions such as fear that it will get worse; fear that you will be crippled like your grandmother, anger at the doctor who is treating you, anger at your body for limiting your activity, anger at yourself for not taking better care of your body when you were younger, etc. You may even be grieving the loss of youthful function. Here is one that I have seen that people are afraid to verbalize or even allow into their consciousness. Angry at God for allowing this disease.

Try these simple steps to better emotional health and watch your days go better.


(If you need a reminder on the EFT steps, see EFT Basic Steps.)


Questions and Comments

 You sometimes don't spell out words correctly. Why is that?
Good question. Spam is rampant on the internet now-a-days. Various spam filters have been devised to block email that looks like unsolicited spam. Some of these filters are rather crude and make some assumptions that may not be correct. For example, some internet service providers have spam filters that prevent an email from being delivered to you that contains certain key words. If the word - and I'll have to disguise it - "f-r-e-e" is anywhere in the email, it won't be delivered to your inbox. That word applies to my Rowe Distress Inventory mentioned below.

One person confided that she didn't want me to see her answers to the Rowe Distress Inventory and therefore hadn't taken it even though I recommend taking it weekly. Good point. I explained that I didn't see her answers. The way it is set up, you have to print it out and answer on paper completely separate from the computer.

I do require that you sign in with your name and email address to see the Rowe Distress Inventory. This can be a very valuable tool for your personal growth. In return for this value, you provide your email address. I may email you in the future with further information about meridian tapping techniques. You can always request that I remove your name from my list if you don't want further information. Of course, if you are reading this, I already have your email address. So take the test to look for issues in your life that could be improved with EFT. Take it weekly to track your progress.


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Need a refresher on the EFT tapping techniques? See EFT Books. My personal favorite is Five Simple Steps to Emotional Healing by Gloria Arenson.
You can take the Rowe Distress Inventory at n-o  c-h-a-r-g-e. I suggest that you take it every week or so to track how you are doing.

For you golfers, see my mental game website, www.EFTandGolf.com. You can test your mental game strengths and weaknesses there. If you know a golfer, do them a favor and forward this message to them.

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You all know how powerful the EFT tapping techniques are. Let's take full advantage of these tools. 
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