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Neutralizing Past Emotional Events

More and more, doctors are understanding how powerful the mind-body connection is. They are understanding how powerful the emotions are for physical health and, of course, mental health.

One of the things we know is that past negative emotional events can continue to affect our physical and mental health long after the stressful event. It is quite common for childhood emotional events to affect a person throughout their life. One of the major tasks of mental health professionals is to help their clients deal with past emotional events.

EFT is one of the most powerful, yet gentle, healing tools for dealing with such emotional baggage. And it is highly effective as a self-help tool. Remember the 80-20 rule. About 20% of the simplest EFT techniques will neutralize about 80% of a person's issues.

Gary Craig, the founder of EFT, devised a simple self-help exercise that will go a long way to clean up your past emotional baggage. He calls it the Personal Peace Procedure. It takes a few minutes a day to do. You can do it in the morning or in the evening.

Psychologists now know that the emotional events don't have to be big ones. These emotional traumas can appear to be quite mild, yet have considerable effect on the development of the personality and the decisions we make about the way life works.

I have added a few steps to Gary's original Personal Peace Procedure to make it a little more user friendly. Get the instructions here and begin to change your life a few minutes at a time.


(If you need a reminder on the EFT steps, see EFT Basic Steps.)


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