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Tension and Stress

Who doesnít have tension and stress from time to time. We have been taught to just live with it. But there is a better way.

Use the power of EFT to gain control of tension and stress. (What is EFT?) This can range from very simple do-it-yourself techniques to more in-depth procedures involving an EFT Practitioner. The 80-20 rule applies here. About 20% of the simplest EFT techniques will handle about 80% of a personís problems. The remaining problems will require more in-depth procedures and some require the objective perspective of a trained professional EFT practitioner.

Hereís a very simple procedure that works most of the time to produce rapid relaxation. The beauty of this procedure is that it can be used anytime, anywhere. The idea is to stimulate an acupuncture point by simply holding it with a thumb or finger. Any time you are feeling tension or doubt, try this.

Make an ďOKĒ sign with your thumb and index finger. From there, slide the index fingertip a little under the thumb pad so that the thumb pad is resting on the side of the index finger where the nail grows out of the finger. Your thumb will be touching the side of your index finger and a little on top of the nail. Simply hold your thumb pad on the side of the index finger where the nail bed starts. You can do it with either hand or both hands.

Hold that position as you feel any negative emotion or stress. Focus on the negative emotion or the feeling of stress. Donít try to distract yourself from what you are feeling. Donít try to cover it up with nice, positive affirmations. Donít try to make the feelings go away. Hold or tap the points and watch the emotions fade.

You can also do the same thing with your other fingers in addition to the index finger. In turn, switch to the middle fingernail bed, ring fingernail bed, and little fingernail bed.

If your fingers are flexible enough, you can tuck your thumb under your fingers as you make a loose fist so that a fingertip is touching the side of the thumb nail bed.

The idea is to touch (thereby stimulating) as many acupuncture points as possible while focusing on the negative emotion or stress. You can also tap with the thumb rather than holding the point. You can do this with the finger points without anyone noticing what you are doing.

When to do this? Dr. David Lake, the Australian Psychiatrist who developed this EFT shortcut, recommends that we touch or tap the finger points continually throughout the day. That way, any emotional reactions and stress we encounter are automatically neutralized. If you have forgotten to do this and you become aware of any emotional reaction or stress, immediately start touching your finger points while focusing on the emotion or stress.

Think of this as EFT first aid.

Try this and let me know how it works for you.

To take a test (no charge) to assess your current emotional state and see if EFT has anything to offer you, go to the Rowe Distress Inventory.

Questions and comments are welcomed.

Here is a question I got from my Golf newsletter, Rowe Mental Game Tips.

Question: If I have a pain on one side of my body, do I have to tap on that side?

The quick answer is, it doesnít matter. You can tap with either hand on either side regardless of which side the pain is on. I know that sounds strange, but it works. The energy meridians are cross-connected as is the nervous system. Brain imaging studies have shown that when an acupuncture point is stimulated on one side of the body, the corresponding brain region is activated on both sides of the brain. Bottom line: the body is amazing!

If you havenít seen the short EFT documentaries, you can view these now.


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