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Prosperity is about being successful in all areas of your life - relationships, health, finances, and happiness.

Affirmations and "positive thinking" are limited in their effectiveness. That's because they don't deal with underlying beliefs that sabotage prosperity.

The "Law of Attraction," as popularized in the movie, "The Secret," also doesn't deal with underlying beliefs. If you listened carefully to "The Secret," you heard Dr. Michael Beckwith say that subconscious beliefs cause the problems. There was no further mention of subconscious beliefs.

EFT can be used to uncover subconscious beliefs and neutralize them, allowing affirmations, prayers, positive thinking, and the Law of Attraction to operate in your life. (What is EFT?)

If you want:

bulletBetter health
bulletMore satisfying relationships
bulletMore financial abundance
bulletMore joy

EFT is the path to take.

Dr. Carol Look has developed a program that teaches you how to use EFT with the Law of Attraction. I highly recommend it.

Attracting Abundance with EFT book

Success & Abundance with EFT & the Law of Attraction DVD set


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