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Overcoming the Emotional Challenges Of Dieting

Losing weight is easy. Keeping it off is hard.

The reason most people diet, lose, then re-gain all the lost weight (and more) is because they have failed to address the emotional factors of maintaining a healthy weight. Until you address the emotional factors underlying your weight problem, you will continue to diet, lose, gain, diet, lose, gain forever!

Without spending a fortune on psychotherapy, you can now heal your underlying emotional issues that are keeping you overweight. Dr. Carol Look has developed a program based on EFT (Energy Psychology), the most potent emotional healing technique available. (What is Energy Psychology?) Dr. Look's manual and audio CDs are like having a personal therapist working with you to heal your underlying emotional issues that are keeping you overweight, all at a very affordable price. The choice is yours. Keep on doing what you have always done and you'll get the results you have always gotten or join the EFT revolution and heal the underlying causes.

How To Lose Weight with Energy Therapy manual

How to Lose Weight with EFT Audio CDs


Dr. Look has also developed a computerized weight loss program in collaboration with Dr. Patricia Carrington and Dr. Sandi Radomski. It includes all the discoveries of Dr. Look's work with weight loss clients in a computerized format. This is like having the world's leading EFT weight loss counselor working personally with you whenever it is convenient for you in the privacy of your home -- all for less than the cost of one session!



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